Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wide Margin's first full release.

Wide Margin has reached a major milestone, it has had it's first full release, Wide Margin 1.0.9.
Wide Margin is a simple and quick bible application for ubuntu and has the following features:
  • As you type searching and passage navigation
  • Out of the box King James Version support
  • Full navigation history
  • Familiar browser inspired interface
  • Daily reading planner
  • Ubuntu PPA
You can install it now using our Ubuntu PPA ppa:trampster/widemargin

We welcome bug reports, patches, UI mockup and any other way you might want to contribute. Please visit our website to get started

Going forward we plan to start development on release 2 which will bring Wide Margin to windows. Release 1 will continue to get bug fixes and regular updates until Release 2 is complete.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wide Margin goes Beta

I am pleased to announce the first Beta release of the Wide Margin project.

Wide Margin 1.0.8 Beta

Changes include:
- Packaging improvement courtesy of directhex
- Daily Reading fix to bug causing the app to crash when loaded on some days.

For those of you who don't know Wide Margin is a quick and simple bible application for ubuntu. You can get it now from our ubuntu PPA ppa:trampster/widemargin

Wide Margin will stay beta for the next few weeks and if no major bugs are found will then become the first full release.

If you want to learn more or to help out please visit

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wide Margin 1.0.7 Alpha 2

I have just released Wide Margin 1.0.7 Alpha 2.
It contains a bunch of bug fixes bringing the bug count down to zero. :)

Passage scrolling now works.
Verse links now scrolls to the verse in the link.
As you type passage navigation, scrolls to the typed verse.

If you already have Wide Margin installed you will get the update automatically.

If not you can install it from our PPA instructions can be found here:

Monday, July 4, 2011

Announcing Wide Margin

For some time now I have been quietly working on a new bible study program. That application has now reached it's first alpha release and is ready for wider testing and use.

What is it?
Wide Margin is a fast and simple bible study application, which gets out of your way and lets you at the important stuff, Gods Word.

* As you type searching and passage navigation.
* Out of the box King James Version support.
* Full navigation history.
* Familiar browser inspired interface.
* Daily reading planner.
* Ubuntu PPA

Why another bible program?
The other bible programs available for linux did not meet my needs. Most are confusing and required advanced setup before you can use them, they loaded slowly, search slowly, have complicated and cluttered interfaces and more features then I would ever know what to do with. In short they did not fulfill my most common use cases, which is to quickly look up a verse or read a passage. So in the finest tradition of open source software I have scratched my own itch and created Wide Margin.

How do I get it?
Wide Margin is available for ubuntu via a PPA. ppa:trampster/widemargin

How can I help?
Wide Margin project welcomes bug reports and patches. Please visit to get started.

What does it look like?